Communities are a competitive advantage

Turnout helps you build engaged communities that are proven to attract and retain key talent for your organization.

Why communities matter


of potential candidates are “much more likely” to apply for a role that has active communities


of employees are “much more likely” to stay at a company with active communities


of employees consider themselves more engaged because of communities

$1.5 Million

annual cost of turnover per 1,500 employees caused by lack of engagement

The benefits of Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) and affinity groups

Diversity & representation

Palmolive's creation of a Women's Network ERG ``substantially improved how they recruit and retain female leaders around the globe``

Leadership development

YMCA expanded beyond affinity groups into leadership groups that provide career development and mentoring for underrepresented groups.

Inclusive products

PepsiCo worked with their affinity groups to expand their offerings to dozens of new markets.

Additional revenue

Verizon partnered with their Black ERG on their ``Realize`` campaign and tripled sales goals in one year.

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Turnout brings communities together

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